Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Interior Colours

Main floor tile

Shown with:

  • Laminex Espresso Ligna Silk –  kitchen and butler’s overhead cupboards
  • Polyurethane white silk -kitchen and butler’s base cupboards
  • Caesarstone Supernatural ‘Emperadoro’ – kitchen breakfast bar island

colour appointments 037

Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry

Laminex espresso ligna        Caesarstone Emperadoro       Caesarstone Osprey

overhead cupboards                                                 breakfast bar                    all other kitchen & butler’s benchtops



Decoglaze glass splashback in Latte on the right.( Maltese to the L)



Laminex Chalky Teak          colour appointments 043Caesarstone Night Sky

white textured splashback tile 250x500mm

Master en-suite & powder room

colour appointments 045          Wollemia National Park 008

wall & mosaic tile                                                 floor tile – bottom left


Laminex Oyster Linea             Caesarstone Night Sky

Vanities Laminex                                                       Benchtop


 Main bathroom

colour appointments 048   colour appointments 051

wall tile & mosaic                                                                   floor tile


Laminex Chalky Teak               Caesarstone Night Sky

vanity                                                                           benchtop



Geoffrey Hirst peanut brittle

Godfrey Hirst Eco+ Pacific View: Peanut Brittle



Taubman’s Endure: Beige Drop

13-02-15 di lorenzo 001

All together now 🙂

The canvas board on the carpet is Taubman’s Beige Drop


8 thoughts on “Interior Colours

  1. I have been catching up on your blog the past week. Thank you for writing about your experience. My husband and I have asked for a tender to build a majestic 35. Your info has helped us prepare! Seems like a long road ahead!

    • Hi Laurie,
      Glad to be of help! Wisdom admin is painful but the Majestic is a fantastic design. Hopefully I will be blogging about our actual build before too long. Where are you building?

  2. Hello
    Yes we fell in love with the majestic!! We looked at so many displays and this is the one that stuck out the most.
    We are building in Kellyville off memorial avenue.
    So far have just received the first tender. We spoke with S.H, is that who you have been speaking with?

    • Happy New Year Laurie!
      Our original tender presenter has left the company which I found out when I called up to speak to him …
      (I edited your comment to remove your presenter’s name to preserve their anonymity on the net.)
      Next up must be your plans – I was really excited to get ours, it makes it all seem more real. Good luck with your Admin and build. Are you going to write a blog to record your build?

  3. Thanks for fixing up my post. Not too sure of all the etiquette!!
    I hadn’t really thought of doing a blog. We don’t really have a big budget and most of it will be taken up because our site slopes more than what we were expecting. I am afraid it would be a pretty boring blog!!

  4. I’m not too sure of all the etiquette either 🙂 I’m just going by the Homeone Forum which says not to use individuals names. I started my blog as a way of friends and family in the UK being involved. However I have 10 times as many views from Australia. I do enjoy reading blogs and picking up useful information from other people’s experiences. I just picked a theme from WordPress and learn as I go along.

    • I have enjoyed reading your blog and others I have found.
      I will have to think of doing one for ourselves. It would be a good way to document and remember the process.
      Any news yet when you can start your build??

      • Thank you, it certainly helps map your building journey out.
        We just received a load of documents from Wisdom today and they are preparing our draft end panel. They have ordered a site peg out as well so I shall look forward to seeing 4 red pegs in the not too distant future.

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