Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Exterior Colours

Majestic 40 with modified Nova Façade

final front1

PicMonkey exterior colours Collage

Chosen as I liked this house’s exterior colours:

Paperbark roof on an overcast day:

exterior 2

Paperbark roof on a sunny day:

exterior 1

Exterior Tiles on Porch & Balcony:

colour appointments 040

Front door:

Hume XS24


2 thoughts on “Exterior Colours

  1. Paperbark roof looks great! Very natural. It’s amazing what a difference the sunlight makes. The upper roof looks lighter than the lower roof. Surfmist is very popular, but it can be quite glarey. We have chosen that, but you’ll barely see our roof due to the skillion style.

  2. Thanks Johanne 🙂

    Surfmist would be my other choice or maybe one of the more silvery ones. I do like the dark colours that seem to be so popular but l don’t want the heat build up that would accompany them.
    We shot out this morning to double check our tiles and carpet against our chosen paint colour – I’m relieved to say they do all seem to go together. Now I can sign off the colour schedule.

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