Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

House Plans





final front1

final elevation 1

final elevation 2

final elevation 3

final elevation 4



final GF

final FF




12 thoughts on “House Plans

  1. Enjoying your blog!
    Are you able to tell me how much it was to extend the Alfresco compared to standard?
    I also noticed with the master bedroom they seem to have 2 different layouts, one if the one you have and another has the bath to the left under a window, was having the bed against the rear wall the deciding factor or something else?

    • Hi Josh,
      Glad you are enjoying my blog. Are you thinking of building with Wisdom?

      It cost $8383 to extend the Outdoor Leisure by approx. 2500mm.

      You picked up on two different master suite designs.

      We have gone for the older version of the Majestic 40 (pre 2013) which has the bed against the wall and a different en-suite layout. The current Majestic range have a floating bed and the bath is under a clear window. And yes I did chose the one with the bed against a wall. Check out one of my first blog entries as to my reasoning behind it….. 🙂

  2. Yes we are thinking to build with wisdom on our block in North Kellyville however registration is still roughly 12 months away!

    We like both the ambassador and the majestic though each has things we like and don’t like, e.g. we don’t like the 3 ensuites in the ambassador and would prefer just the main ensuite and one other bathroom as I don’t like the concept of access from 2 bedrooms to a single bathroom and also would prefer not to have 4 toilets and 3 or 4 showers to clean/maintain

    Fairly certain will extend the alfresco similar to what you have done, also would like to remove the column and have stacker doors to open the space right up though have noticed wisdom don’t seem to do this in their displays where as most or rawson’s displays have this option, did you get a quote for it at all??

    Enjoying looking at your plans etc for inspiration!

    • Hi Josh,
      Glad your enjoying looking at my plans.
      I loved the Ambassador, we originally chose it. The Master en-suite with the free standing bath and the kitchen/ Butlers are fantastic. Like you I wasn’t too keen on the shared en-suite between beds 2 & 3, or how the shower opened in bed 4. We found we were changing the Ambassador layout to try to get the extra storage the Majestic has. So we went for the Majestic instead and then I managed to change the Butlers so it was similar to the Ambassador’s.

      I wanted to remove the Leisure room column but I can’t remember the reason why we didn’t. It was either they said they couldn’t do it which would be odd as other builders do or the price was too high. My hubby wasn’t too keen on the idea so I parked it. There were other things I would prefer.

  3. Impressive…just bumped into ur blog. We also building through wisdom homes in North Kellyville. Serenity 31 but extension made it a 34. Looks like our houses will go up together as they are working on my draft end panel. There was few delays with our council approval but everything looks all good. I think I will be hooked to ur blog and eager to the the progress.
    All the best.

    • Thanks Tish,

      All the best for your build too. I liked the Serenity but it was too long for our lot.
      I think there are 4 Wisdom builds in our street, they are proving to be a very popular builder.

      Do you have a Homeone thread or blog about your build?

  4. Nope no blog. We building not far form Your lot. Ur Lots were to dear for us but beautiful setting though. Worth the money. We building along Hillview road. You are so true about serenity, it is more suitable for longer blocks, more rectangular. It seems forever, wisdom homes paperwork. But I hope it’s worth the wait. We have similar bathrooms tiles but I can see you have lashed out in choosing your benchtop. Very nice choice. We are doing our flooring from outside.
    Exciting times.
    Enjoy it.

  5. Thanks Tish,

    We looked all over at land and had our heart set on GR. Luckily we discovered it just as Stage 1 sold out and we were able to register our interest in Stage 2/3. Our developer has been great, we were so lucky to get the Lot we wanted as lots of other people were keen to buy there too.

    Like you we can’t wait to finish Admin and start the build 🙂

  6. Hi,

    We are starting our Journey with the Majestic. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into this blog. I will be studying it in detail taking your lessons learnt!

    Would you be willing to share some of the quotes/specific on the build and landscaping? I’m worried our budget is going to get blown out. Your design for both house and landscaping is very similar to it would be extremely helpful!

    • Thanks Steve I’m glad you like my blog.

      Great choice on the Majestic 🙂

      I’m not sure how relevant any quotes I had from Wisdom will be now as I’m sure the prices have gone up. Plus they have different packages now so some of the things we paid sweetly for are now included.

      However if you PM me over on the Wisdom forum at Homeone I’ll happily answer what I can.

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