Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville


Caesarstone Benchtops

Tuesday the Caesarstone benchtops were put in and Tuesday afternoon I went in for a sneak peek. The painters were hard at work on the first coat of Taubman’s ‘Beige Drop’ and clear varnishing the LIN1 maple doors.

I didn’t check out upstairs as there was a ladder on the stairs and I didn’t want to knock someone off their perch. I was pleased to see the benchtops well wrapped to protect them, less pleased to see lunch and tool boxes on them… especially as the stone mason’s had put stickers on them telling them not to.

GR 27-09-15 006

So first up is:

Powder room: 40mm thick Caesarstone Night Sky, Laminex Oyster Linea vanity and Kado basin

GR 01-10-15 009

Laundry: 20mm Caesarstone Night Sky and Laminex Chalky Teak cupboards

GR 01-10-15 011

Kitchen: 70mm Caesarstone Emperadoro and 40mm Osprey, wall cabinets in Laminex Espresso Ligna Silk, base cabinets in Polyurethane ‘Laminex White’ Satin

GR 27-09-15 009

GR 27-09-15 011

GR 27-09-15 010

When we put our deposit down Wisdom included 20mm Caesarstone from the standard range. There were three ranges available: Standard, Deluxe and Supernatural. They did us a deal to upgrade to 40mm Standard everywhere except the Laundry. So far so good then we added in the 70mm breakfast bar with waterfall ends as per the show home. Ker-ching! Then we went the whole hog for the breakfast bar and chose ‘Emperadoro’ from the Supernatural range Ker-ching! Ker-ching!!

The rest of the kitchen is in standard ‘Osprey’ and I hope like crazy they go well together in real life. I still haven’t seen the finished product as they are so well wrapped. We do have one join where the window benchtop is longer at 3180mm than the standard Caesarstone slab size, 3060mm by 1440mm.

Included as standard is one colour choice for all wet area benchtops so we plumped for ‘Nightsky’. I had chosen different colours for different rooms but when I found out it would cost extra then ‘Nightsky’ it was 🙂

Thursday the Di Lorenzo tiling supervisor called to confirm they would be using the correct tiles and would I like to meet him on site to discuss the layout today. Yes please!!

Now that we are locked out I will grab any opportunity to see inside. Also we bumped into our site supervisor on site so were able to get our weekly update in person which was great. Tiling plan agreed, benchtops checked out, photos taken – sorted!

Main bath:

GR 01-10-15 002


GR 01-10-15 006

Next up is the tilers finishing off the wet areas then the internal fit offs begin next week: electrical, air con, plumbing (baths, loos etc.), roof insulation.

Outside has seen some action too – a site clean up!

GR 27-09-15 020

It was in dire need of it as well, shame it was the one time I was going to sift through the rubbish to reclaim something 🙂

I was after the box the kitchen sink came in to get the correct model number and dimensions for ordering accessories such as drainers and draining racks etc. My observation skills are sadly lacking as I hadn’t even noticed the tidy up as I went inside to have a look, I only realised when I came out to search for the Franke box.


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Luckily for us Di Lorenzo tiles is just down the road so we have been able to keep dropping in to try and choose what we would like.

We found it pretty easy to choose wall tiles in the Wisdom Prestige range but floor tiles were harder.

I would have to say that the majority of show homes are displayed with upgraded floors so that sets your expectations higher. The ones which have always caught our eyes are the large porcelain tiles – surprise, surprise. Having read different horror stories about how much extra they can cost – $$$ – we asked for two quotes, one for porcelain and one for a standard smaller tile.

The 600 x 600mm porcelain tiles actually came back less than we thought compared to some I’ve heard of so we are pleased.

Hence for the main living areas downstairs we’ve decided on:

colour appointments 037

Shown with the Laminex Espresso Ligna silk, white polyurethane silk & Caesarstone Emperadoro



Here’s a natty plan my hubby drew up after my last post.


White splashback tile 250x500mm (slightly textured) with Laminex Chalky Teak cupboard & Caesarstone Night Sky benchtop samples

colour appointments 043

Floor tile is a standard 450 x 450 graphite with marble effect. No photo because my camera was playing up 😦


Main Bathroom

Pale grey marble is the theme.


colour appointments 048


Standard wall & accent tiles for the boys but upgraded with floor to ceiling tiles. The walls will be plain with one row of the accent tile running under the full width mirror over the vanity.

colour appointments 051  smaller matching floor tile


Vanity & benchtop:

Laminex Chalky Teak             Caesarstone Night Sky


Powder room & En-suite

Rich creams and browns

 colour appointments 045


Standard wall and floor tiles but upgraded with floor to ceiling tiles.

The walls will be plain with two rows of a marble mosaic feature tile to run under the full width mirror above the vanity like so:


Feature strip by vanity

I can’t remember which blog I saw this on ages ago but I liked it!


Vanity & benchtop:

Laminex Oyster Linea       Caesarstone Night Sky



Laundry and Bathrooms

aka ‘the wet areas’.

These were also chosen at the Timpelle kitchen meeting.

Something I forgot to mention previously was that it is an upgrade to have a two-tone kitchen with Wisdom. It is also standard that all wet area benchtops and vanities be the same colour. Having splurged on the upgrade to Supernatural Caesarstone for the breakfast bar we were happy to stick to one standard colour for the wet area benchtops. However we did a small upgrade to Lamiwood from the standard Laminex vanities and have different colours between the different areas.


The laundry is a decent size even after we shaved off a bit to extend the Butler’s Pantry. As standard it comes with a built-in laminated Laundry unit with a stainless steel drop in tub and 20mm Caesarstone top.

We are putting in a broom cupboard with shelves inside at one end and the Laundry unit with a double cupboard over it at the other end with an extended benchtop between. There will be a hanging rail between the broom cupboard and overhead cupboards for ironing. At home we had a Sheila Maid which was so useful, so the rail will be my version of it.

sheila maid Sheila Maid

The washing machine and tumble dryer will be under the bench plus there will be an extractor fan as well. We plan to have the classic Australian Hills Hoist Rotary Dryer outside as I like to line dry most of the time. Having just seen the price of it ($500+) it could well become our garden feature too! Think I’ll train the security cameras on that instead of the doors! I’ll forgo the package with 100 pegs as well – I’m OCD enough about hanging the washing out as it is – each item must have the same  type of peg. Not quite as bad as my sister where they have to colour match too….


I forgot to mention that I love the Aussie design feature of bulkheads over the overhead cupboards. They eliminate the gap between cupboard top and ceiling and stop the need to clean all the dust and grease build up. However I did eventually get wise in the UK and lined the top with newspaper that could be replaced regularly. That is one instance where it pays to be vertically challenged – you can stand on the benchtop and clean the top of the cupboards!

For the Laundry and Main Bathroom:

Vanities in Lamiwood

Laminex Chalky Teak

Benchtop in

Caesarstone Night Sky


For the Powder Room and En-Suite:

Vanities in Lamiwood

Laminex Oyster Linea

Benchtop in

Caesarstone Night Sky