Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Tiling and Electrical fit off


Lots of action this week.

The tilers were back this week and laid the accent tiles in the bathrooms:

Powder room:

GR 14-10-15 007


GR 14-10-15 023

main bath:

GR 14-10-15 022

The wet rooms look finished apart from the Laundry where the single row of wall tiles are still to be laid. The en-suite WC needs to be sorted as the plans show it with full height tiling and no cornice. The gyprockers put cornice up then the tilers removed it.

en-suite WC:

GR 09-10-15 140

Unfortunately when then finished it off they cut the tiles to allow for cornices. Hopefully there are enough tiles left to rectify this. They should be back next week to lay the main flooring downstairs. Apart from that hiccup I’m really pleased with the quality of their work and hope they do it to the same standard when they lay the 600 x 600mm porcelain main floor tiles.

Wednesday saw the robe fit outs:

Standard wire shelving in the store cupboard and linen:


GR 14-10-15 018

Standard wire hanging in Bed 2:

GR 14-10-15 012

Mix of single and double wire hanging in the walk-in-robes (WIR) in beds 3 & 4 for the boys:

Spot the mistake in bed 3 & 4….

GR 14-10-15 009

The Master bedroom robes are fitted by a different company using Polytec Gesso Lini as part of the Wisdom Prestige inclusions.

gesso lini

Ooops…that’s interesting when I googled for a sample of Gesso Lini it’s not the colour I thought it was. I thought we chose the dark colour for the robe interiors. The choice was white, truffle lini or gesso lini.

Nevermind, it was so long ago, August 2014, and so fast paced a colour consultation down at Wisdom HO I probably remembered incorrectly. It’ll look good whatever the colour. Paperwork says Gesso Lini so Gesso Lini it is. The wardrobe people called me to double check the layouts as I am including double hanging and wanted to tweak the cloak layout. All sorted 🙂

Friday saw the electricians return for the electrical fit off. I needed to drop off the range hood for them to fit which gave me an excellent opportunity to check out the house. We changed to us supplying all the appliances a few months ago when the Blanco double oven was discontinued hence me having to deliver the range hood on site today.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

The electricians are powering through with the fit off. Fans are in and look like they could trim a few centimetres of anyone not paying attention!

Master bedroom:

GR 14-10-15 024

Bed 3:

GR 14-10-15 025

Vanity power points seem very high up but it was set to the standard height.

GR 14-10-15 017

Bumped into our SS on site and got my weekly update in person and a walk through 🙂

Delivery time:

GR 14-10-15 031

GR 14-10-15 029

Free standing bath, Caroma Aura 1600, looks either rather low or not very wide, that’s one way to save water! Hope I fit in it!!

Next week:

  • Baths and toilets have been delivered ready for the plumbing fit off:
  • Main floor tiling & ensuite WC correction
  • Gyprockers back to make good and to line the rest of the understairs cupboard

Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

6 thoughts on “Tiling and Electrical fit off

  1. Love your tile choice in the bathroom. What’s the name of it? We looked at tiles yesterday and seems like we have similar tastes. Looking great and can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

    • Thanks Kristen!
      According to our Di Lorenzo paperwork for the main bathroom from Wisdom Prestige standard range:
      Wall tile: DCW1483 300 x 450 mm
      Feature: SAS040 23.5 x 100mm stone mosaic
      Floor DC2698 300 x 300mm

      I’m looking forward to seeing the bathrooms finished with fixtures and fittings. Can’t wait to have full china loos again, I hate the plastic cisterns in the rental.

  2. It’s looking great, I love your master bedroom shelving! I have the same issue with out bath is looks way smaller than I imagined but I’m sure it’s fine.

  3. Thanks trixee!
    Now I need to decide what to put on those shelves. I better pay attention to the bedrooms in The Block and Shayna Blaze 🙂
    I can’t wait to fill that bath up with bubbles and have a soak 🙂 Maybe with a glass of bubbles to celebrate as well:)

  4. Your house is looking great – so close to completion! It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you know that you’re towards the end of the build.

    Make sure you stop by during different times of the day to check the windows for scratches. Sometimes you need the light to be shining at a particular angle to catch them.

    Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂

    • Hi kidsbuggingme nice to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your lovely Majestic 45, I just had a quick look through your blog again.
      We are beginning to get our hopes up that we might actually get in before Christmas but we don’t want to tempt fate 🙂
      Thanks for the tip about the windows. I’m sure there are plenty of scratches from all the mortar that was splashed over them….

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