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building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Kitchen time!


I don’t wish to jinx myself but the build is continuing to progress well. This week we reached a milestone with the kitchen going in. The units were delivered at the end of Friday and we went from this:

GR 13-09-15 119

to this:

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 001

Warning: photo overload coming up 🙂

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 003

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 014

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 009

[extra cupboards accessible from Leisure area]

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 007

[Oven housing for two single ovens & fridge space]

Then last but not least the Butler’s Pantry which made my SS laugh with its pantry within a pantry:

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 006

I did a double take after the delivery when I saw the sheer volume of carcasses but they do say that you can’t have too much storage 🙂

So far so good and I’m really pleased with what I can see.

Our kitchen is by Timpelle with the base cabinetry in satin polyurethane ‘Laminex White’ and the wall cabinets in Laminex ‘Espresso Ligna’ silk.

I looked at an awful lot of show kitchens before finally deciding on this mix. It was a balancing act between cost, practicality and aesthetics. The fact our two sons, ages 21+, will be using the kitchen factored into the equation too.

Whilst sorting things before we move I came across this in one of their treasure boxes.

finger prints002

Well 16 years down the line and I can still find plenty of fingerprints and I don’t need a CSI to dust for them either. They better not turn to a life of crime.

With that in mind I went for easy to wipe surfaces with handles on the lower cabinetry rather than the handle free shark nose edges I quite liked. I have compromised on the wall cabinets and left off the handles but made the doors overhang the carcass so you can finger pull them open from behind. I have also put soft close mechanisms on everything so they can’t crash, bang, wallop around – hopefully. I will keep a stash of microfiber cloths handy too so I can do a quick clean up.

Only one minor worry and that is the height of the wall units. I am – ahem – vertically challenged and took this into account in the design stage. The wall cupboards were dropped as low as they could be in order for me to reach the bottom shelf.

This was driven by the height the gas cooktop has to be from the cooker hood. Australian standards state the cooker hood must be a minimum 650mm from the top of the trivet. So my cupboards came down to right above the window and my cooker hood went up. However the wall cabinets seem to have been installed a few inches above the window which wasn’t how it was on the signed off plans.

GR 14-09-15 Kitchen! 013

My SS is going to check it all out and come back to me on it. I will already be having a step tucked away in the WIP so I can reach things but I would like to manage the bottom shelf by myself 🙂

Once the kitchen is in they can measure up for the stone benchtops and glass splashbacks and fingers crossed they look good together. Hopefully I will get a chance to take the internal measurements of the large drawers and sort out my linings prior to moving. I am going to DIY it by using pegboard and dowelling to secure the plates etc and non slip liners in the others to recreate this:

peg board 1 peg board 2

This is the link for these products but Bunnings here I come!

Next up this week is waterproofing followed by the arrival of the tiler – fingers crossed!


Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

14 thoughts on “Kitchen time!

  1. Great Deb. I was there today and witnessed activity at your place. We got our piers today. Yipee. Went over about 6LM not too bad. Onwards and upwards from here on in. Yours it looking fantastic.

  2. Wow! So many drawers. I love the fingerprint story. At your suggestion, I drew up a plan of where to put everything in my kitchen too. That was a nice destress activity since luckily everything should just fit.

    • The middle set of drawers was where the builder put the freestanding cooker originally.
      I have yet to map out where everything will go in the new kitchen but I shall do it soon. Hopefully packing by the plan will make unpacking easier.

  3. Hi Dea & co, well full marks on the kitchen. I approve, lovely well thought out design! What are you going to put in all the units?
    Your place and our new pad in Cardiff are complete opposites end of the spectrum! Downsizing to a 3 bed open plan apartment has been interesting. Been here 4 weeks now and it is like being on holiday. Loving meals on the balcony watching the boats etc. Hardly any housework and seeing lots of the family now.
    Did you know Kev got a job working for Panasonic? He started 1 week before the move, in Bracknell and I had to move on my own. He joined us later. Couldn’t make it up could you! he can work from home, other offices & is in Germany at the moment, so it isn’t ideal, but he is going to give it a go.
    Love to all, Nicola x

    • Thanks Nicola that means a lot coming from a Kitchen Designer 🙂 I only tweaked the design the builder did 99% of it. Lets hope my benchtops and splashback are better choices than my kitchen tiles in the UK!
      Glad your move went well and that you are happy there. I feel your pain on moving by yourself! Your apartment photos did look lovely. Good luck to Kevin in his new job. Love Dea x

  4. Sniff sniff
    That poem brought a tear to my eyes. I just wiped off Miss 3’s finger prints from our freshly painted walls yesterday. Must not get angry next time I do it.

    • Hi Nat,
      Glad you liked the poem, it was amazing what I found in their treasure boxes.
      Fingerprints that wipe off aren’t too bad (but not on freshly painted walls!). It’s when they find a crayon or pen that things head south. Mind you I had a hard time not laughing when my youngest son was small and stripped off and scribbled over nearly every inch of his front.

  5. Having just been through kitchen week myself, I can relate to the speed with which they seem to get installed! My overheads ended up being a disaster, as you know. I wanted what you have, so much more sensible. I am however getting excited about being able to organise everything nicely. I might have to steal some of your ideas 🙂

    • I really do think that once all the builders’ dirty finger marks and dust is properly cleaned off plus the cabinetry doors realigned and your benchtops etc installed that yours will be fantastic. Just really disappointing for you that they lacked care when they installed it and therefore didn’t show it in its best light for you. You needed Keith from The Block to be on their case 🙂

  6. We built our house is 2013 with Rawson. We had the exact same thing that you did with the splashback window. In the show home it is shown where the top cupboards meet the top of the window – so no need for a splashback. When our kitchen went in, I questioned why we had a 50mm gap. I was told that because we had a gas oven that there had to be a 650mm gap between the cooktop and the bottom of the upper cupboards and the window in the show home was slightly bigger and it was not a standard size. Not happy Jan. Without having a complete tantrum and getting them to remove brickwork and the offending window, I had the glass splashback put in above the window and inside the window frame. To be honest – I dont even notice it anymore. If you want to pop over to my blog, i have heaps of photos of the kitchen.

    • Thanks Jennifer,
      My SS promises me that the splash back will look amazing and I will love it. I have been in and tested the cupboard height which is correct and I can reach the bottom shelf so I can relax now 🙂
      It just seemed odd that they drew our kitchen plans down to the mm but didn’t draw in the actual window they were using. Especially as they took my height and reach measurements and explained that the cooker hood had to clear the top of the gas trivet by 650mm. It would have cost them less too for the splashback if the cupboards were lower.
      Thanks for the link, I’ve popped over to your blog and enjoyed reading about your build and looking at all your photos.

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