Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Action stations


Monday: Billy no mates

Tuesday: Billy no mates

Wednesday: Action

Finally we have some action again on our block 🙂

I confess to being Mrs Grumpy by Tuesday when there were still no roofers. They do have them as I drove past them working away at a Wisdom build around the corner. A house I may add that wasn’t even bricked when our main roof went on back on July 2nd.

So our Site Supervisor received a polite but firm phone call by hubby to register our disappointment at the lack of progress. Why hubby and not me? Well we each have our roles to play during the build and I am good cop to his bad cop :).

goodcop badcop Collage

However today not only were the roofers there but we also had the ActronAir air con people too. So thank you to the SS for chasing them up. That was a stroke of luck to be there when the air con was being installed as I was worried about the placement of some of the bedroom vents. I couldn’t remember if any were directly over the beds and if so whether they could be moved or not. Having spoken to the installer he explained where he had located them and we are safe from both cold draughts and creepy crawlies falling on us in the middle of the night  🙂

Here’s a 70s film from Dimension pictures that I won’t be watching despite William Shatner starring in it.


[poster from Wikipedia – Kingdom of the Spiders ]

which had this little scenario in it:


[still courtesy of]

And yes I do still check under the loo seat and in my shoes for spiders 🙂

So with the lower roofs on and eaves hopefully tomorrow we should still be set for the electrical rough in on Friday and a walk through with the SS on Monday/Tuesday. I’ll have to be brave, gird my loins and climb that ladder to inspect upstairs with him. I’ll also take the opportunity to discuss rectifying the rain garden with him. Lucky him, I’ll even give him a copy of our eight page rain garden power point presentation…..


Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

4 thoughts on “Action stations

  1. Oh goodness. I never thought about the crawlies. I’ll have to check our air con plan! Glad things have started progressing again. Our builders had better watch out if I have to resort to using our bad cop. Don’t forget to take your camera up the ladder.

    • Perhaps I’m being a tad too neurotic about the creepy crawlies and the air con vents 🙂
      Mind you we have opted for the Smart Tile wastes in the wet areas so hopefully nothing crawls out of there either!
      I shall make sure my camera is fully charged and even take a spare battery too – can’t wait to see the view from upstairs.

  2. I’m guessing you’re happy you don’t live here then: ! Apparently they’re harmless though, thank goodness!
    I look forward to your rain garden presentation 😉

  3. Thanks for that link!
    I liked the photos of the webs after a flood and in the UK I loved to see a spiders web crystallised after a hard frost. I just don’t fancy the inhabitants 🙂
    Ha,ha trixee I think you are the only person interested in the rain garden. I might re-write it as ‘Rain gardens 101’ or ‘Rain gardens for Dummies’ as per

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