Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Stand by your beds!


A phrase often used by my father, who was in the RAF, in jest at home.

No RAF drill instructors or NCO’s but our first inspection by our independent building inspector from Houspect instead.

The slab was laid on Saturday 2/5/15 and unfortunately the weather that day wasn’t brilliant. It had rained off and on throughout the day but by late afternoon it was torrential. Whilst some rain during the slab laying process is a positive thing we were worried as to how this might have affected the slab.

Tuesday Houspect carried out the slab inspection and the report marked three items as defective:

  1. The slab finish has a sandy un-bonded finish in areas due to the pooling of rain water. slab finish defective]
  2. Slab dimensions
  3. Reduced-levels at the front porch ( step down to porch is  < 85mm)


Wisdom received the report and are dealing with the issues raised.

Our Site Supervisor said the storm water plumbing and frame delivery would take place during the following two weeks whilst the slab cured.

Tuesday I visited the site whilst a mini excavator was digging trenches and it appeared he wasn’t having a good day judging by his expression and phone calls.

mini excavator

Looks to my untrained eye like he cut through the power cable conduit.

Lot 311 05-05-15 trench dug

Imagine my surprise when I went on Wednesday and discovered the power pole cut down and relocated to the LHS of the property instead.

Lot 311 Willandra pole position LHS 06-05-15

When I queried this with the SS I was told that the power pole had been put on the wrong side as it had to go on the side closest to the electricity supply connection point, ours is on the LHS apparently. Wisdom allow for the connection up to 7m from your front boundary and to connect to the RHS was longer than this.

I fail to see how extending the trench and cable by a few metres is more expensive than removing the existing power pole, filling the trench, digging a new trench and drilling through the concrete slab to install a new pole on the LHS.

I asked for it to be put back in its original position but that would require a variation to be raised. Duly done and one week later the Estimating department issued it:

$2000 to move the meter box from the LHS to the RHS

$1000 late variation fee

TOTAL $3000

grumpy cat think

I’m disappointed to say the least, especially as I spoke to the original electrician when he put the pole in before the slab was laid. I’d asked where it was going and he had said the garage wall which was perfect.

So the lesson I’ve learnt is:

If you have a preference as to where your meter boxes go, find out where your connection point is and put a Provisional Allowance in to your Tender.

A friend, who is an electrical engineer, has assured me I need not worry about my brain being detrimentally affected by EMF due to the meter box placement.

Hang on a sec, is that because there is no EMF danger or because I’m a lost cause already?  🙂


Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

7 thoughts on “Stand by your beds!

  1. The ups and downs of building…. Yay for slab!

  2. It’s good that they can rectify those defects. I’d be very annoyed at that variation too, especially when it’s being charged for something they did wrong without asking you about it first. You shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes. Good luck in sorting that out.

  3. Yay for slab! That’s disappointing about the variation. I’d be upset about it especially as trixee said the pole was moved without your consent. Did they explain about the late variation fee before they actually did the work? Hopefully this is the only glitch and it’s smooth sailing from here on. Bring on the frames!

    • Hi Sheilzy,
      I’m waiting for your next update now that you are at the exciting phase – bring on the kitchen !
      They don’t actually do the work until you sign the variation and they did explain about the late variation fee early on in the process so we were able to decline it with no problems.
      It hasn’t held the build up either as we were waiting for the slab defects to be rectified which they started on yesterday. So whilst I’m not happy with the end result you live and learn for the next build 🙂 !

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