Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Houston we have lift off!


I’m happy to report that our slab is being laid today 🙂

Its been a busy week on site which is just what we want:

slab 4 day v2 Collage

Wednesday 29th: Piering, power pole & form work

Thursday 30th: Internal plumbing

Friday 1st: Saline membrane, waffle pods & reinforced steel

Saturday 2nd:  Concrete slab laid

framed slab

The rainbow made me smile, it actually ended behind the woods and not in 309’s portaloo. Mind you they say where there’s muck there’s money 🙂

The panorama shows one of the last concrete trucks, six in total, delivering to the concrete pump. Approximately 44 cubic metres were used in total.

may 2  slab GR 002

I learnt a new word today – helicoptering. The photo shows a helicopter or power float being used to give the slab a smooth concrete finish. Here’s hoping the rain doesn’t mess it up.

may 2  slab GR 006

They have removed the formwork and are just doing the finishing touches. This angle shows the split level in more detail.

So now we are the proud owners of an H1 class slab.

I imagine that Wisdom will have the 25% progressive payment invoice for the slab arriving first thing Monday 🙂



Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

10 thoughts on “Houston we have lift off!

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t received the invoice already! They sure are fast when it comes to that 😉 Love the time lapse photos. Your slab looks pretty impressive, I’ve always loved the look of split level homes, they can look quite grand.

  2. I’d better start thinking of a house warming pressy for you all at the rate things are finally starting to move!

    • Willie good to hear from you 🙂

      I am already thinking of decorating the guest room for both you and my sister 🙂 you’ve both put a claim in on it!
      Start planning your next trip 🙂

  3. Conslabulations Dea! Slab is sure looking mighty fine. I’m also surprised Wisdom hasn’t sent you the slab invoice. In our experience, Metricon are quick off the mark to send us the invoice even when the actual works haven’t been 100% completed. They also like to send the invoice 3 ways, via sms, email and snail mail!

    Bring on frames!

  4. Thanks Sheilzy!
    Hopefully they’ll start framing the week after next according to our SS.
    Now to organise Houspect for our slab inspection.

  5. Yipeeeee! What a start! Such an action packed week. Now you’ll have to be patient all over again while that slab cures.

  6. Dea- I love your blog – its looking good 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Lydia 🙂

      There’ll be a few more photos now we are in the building phase and now that I have discovered how to do collages too.
      Perhaps you’ll come over and see it for yourself in the not too distant future 🙂

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