Majestic 40 at Gardener's Ridge

building a Wisdom Majestic in North Kellyville

Its raining men – Hallelujah!


Well it might be for The Weather Girls and Geri Halliwell but not for us, I’m sad to say there’s no sign of concreters for us 😦

For those of you enjoying the Spring sunshine in the UK and Germany or the delights of Brazil and Perth Sydney is under a deluge with no respite in sight. Hubby has already had to pump the pool out as it filled to the brim. Last time it rained this much I was bailing with a bucket as he was off on business and I am not au fait with the pool pump workings. That was a lot of buckets…

So we took the opportunity to drive up to Gardener’s Ridge and see how it was faring in this wet and wild weather. We drove slowly past any houses with rain gardens and swathes and had a good look around.

So we went from this:

Site scrape Collage

to this:

PicMonkey rain collage

[I’ve been busy experimenting with PicMonkey for the collages, it’s free and better still easy to use 🙂 ]

There were a few older gum trees down on our drive there due to the combination of high winds and rain. I just hope the big one behind our fence has a good healthy root system.

So whilst we patiently wait for the weather to clear I shall do a bit more research into rain garden planting. I found quite a helpful site yesterday courtesy of Ozbreed:

I’ve also been updating the House Plans and elevations on my blog to show the signed off versions (see House Plans at the top of this page). Not much different on the elevations just the rear roof set at 18 degrees to give the 3m ceilings in the split level and the fireplace flue makes its appearance and in the correct position! The Ground Floor and First Floor plans show the standard staircase with a mini landing on stair number 9 – details, details, details 🙂



Author: lunar62

Having lived here as a child in the 60's I fell in love with Australia and always hoped to one day be able to visit again. So when the opportunity came to move here with my husband's job we decided nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to go for it even though it was hard to leave our family and friends behind in the UK. So now we're here lock, stock and barrel, children and pets too and embarking on building a new home.

6 thoughts on “Its raining men – Hallelujah!

  1. Rain at any other time, is fine! If it is any consolation, it’s raining a lot here too. At least in Australia, with the exception of the tropical North, you know it won’t be too long before the rain stops.

  2. Very true Johanne, I had just hoped to have been at the stage where we had the roof on before the weather deteriorated. Never mind we’ll get there in the end – hopefully before Christmas!

  3. That’s pretty damp. Hope you don’t have too much more of the bad weather. I do love the idea of a raingarden, it sounds so romantic!

    • Thanks Trixee, having seen pictures of people’s homes floating away further north I think we have got away lightly – so far. I was worried about water pooling around the slab but first I need a slab …

      I’m not sure that romantic is a word I would associate with rain garden but I’ll try my best to make a feature of it 🙂

  4. Oh my word what a bucketing we’ve had and no sign of a respite until tomorrow by the looks of it! Hopefully the big gum tree behind your fence is still standing! Great work on the pic collages, very arty😄

    • Thanks Sheilzy, I’ve been wanting to make some photo collages for a while especially after seeing the ones you create using Piccolage.
      Well, we will go check on the tree et al today, after hubby drains the pool again, the water is back up to the coping. At least our resident frog will be happy 🙂

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